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Electric Face Massager


The Electric Face Massager can lift Anti Aging Wrinkles Skin Tighten by Microcurrent heat Vibration, also has gua sha function, tighten neck skin, make you youthful.

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A combination of heat, vibration, light and microcurrent

1.Heat + Red Light

2.Heat + Vibration + Violet Light

3.Microcurrent + Vibration + Blue Light

4.Heat + Microcurrent + Vibration + Red and Blue light


Name:Color light electric scraping instrument

Material: ABS

Shell Color: White (As Picture Shown)

Heating Temperature: 42℃


Power Supply: USB Charging

Charging power supply:5V/1A

Working voltage:3.7V

One key switching of four modes:

MODE 1:Hot + color light(Red)

The beauty lamp is red. Warm open pores and activate skin cells. Promote blood circulation, tender, bright and stretch skin.

MODE 2:Vibration + color light(Purple)

The beauty lamp shines purple. Vibration massage can relieve fatigue and tighten skin. Promote lymphaticmetabolism and improve dull skin.

MODE 3:Micro current + color light(blue)

The beauty lamp lights blue. Awaken skin contractionand tension and improve sebum. Help the nutrient solution pour into the skin to make the skin smooth and delicate.

MODE 4:Hot +Micro current + color light(Red&blue)

The beauty lamp turns red and blue. Stimulate collagen andift skin. Comprehensively improve skin.

Package content:

1x Gua sha instrument

1x USB cable

1x manual

electric face massager

electric face massager

electric face massager

electric face massager

electric face massager

electric face massager

electric face massager

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 2.1 cm

White, Pink, Red, Green


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