Highlighter Blush Palette ( 7 Color )

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Highlighter Blush Palette ( 7 Color )

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This Highlighter Blush Palette is a combination of different color cosmetics, including blush, eye shadow, highlight, bronze, Can basically meet all your needs.

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  • Blush is Fine powder, easy to color, can use a blush angled brush apply blush on cheeks
  • Eye shadow is easy to smudge, The color is darker, reflecting a mature and stable temperament
  • This blush tray add a pop of color, explore our various blush options, Highlight cheekbones for a natural, healthy glow.
  • Bronze can make the skin look more like a healthy sun-tanned complexion
  • Highlight color can make the face more three-dimensional, with strong contrast, making the face look more V-shaped

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 10.4 × 1.4 cm


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