Many people are very distressed, why their face is always baby fat even though they are in good shape and light weight, and even if they lose weight, the baby fat on their face will not be removed.

This is because the mouth muscles cannot do long-term exercise, so once the fat is accumulated, there is no way to reduce it, so how to exercise our mouth muscles without eating, this can use our jawline exercises.

It is also very applicable if you also have the following situation:

jawline exercises

Obesity is a common problem of many people in modern times. Too much fat on the face can easily cause a lot of problems. The most direct one is that it looks greasy, and it is easy to bite your own flesh with your teeth when eating. Thirdly, it will also affect sleep. Breathing, generally obese people will breathe heavily and snore easily, that is because too much flesh on the face blocks part of the airway, making it difficult for the air to enter and exit.