Color: Based on the most popular colors on the market, we have launched this multi-color lipstick set.

Useful: There is always one of these eight colors that you like. Although the amount of each color is relatively small, it allows you to find your favorite lipstick color, and all you need to pay is a small fee.

Price: This Pill Lipstick Set’s price is very affordable, you can try our color before buying some luxury lipsticks, and then decide whether it is worth the extra money to buy a luxury lipstick

Packing: Packed in blister and colored cartons, it is very beautiful, it can be given away or used by yourself, it will not lose your face at all

Certification: If you need the quality inspection certificate and record number, please write an email or leave a message to ask the customer service to ask for it

pill lipstick

pill lipstick