Plastic Eyelash Curler ( 6 PCS/Count )

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Plastic Eyelash Curler ( 6 PCS/Count )


This Plastic Eyelash Curler  is sliding design, compact and portable, easy to store, silicone layer, easy to shape, easy to create curled eyelashes.

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  • Antibacterial resin material
    The body adopts high-quality antibacterial resin to ensure safety and hygiene, and the eyelash pads use antibacterial materials to not damage the eyelashes
  • Portable design, easy to carry Sliding design, ultra-mini size after folding, can be easily stored in a bag, compact and portable
  • Easily clip curled lashes
    Easy to form, no restrictions on both sides of the eyelash curler, no limit to the width of the eyelashes, the use of the segmented clip method will not clip the eyelashes
  • Include 6 pieces


How to use:

1. First put the eyelash curler close to the eye, place the main part of the eyelashes in the opening of the eyelash curler, and clamp the eyelash curler for about 5 seconds;
2. Then keep a slight force, move the eyelash curler up slowly until the center of the eyelashes stops, and release the clip after 5 seconds;
3. Finally, move the eyelash curler to the tip for five seconds to make the eyelash curler.
Obviously, applying more force at the end will result in more curling;

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 58 × 35 cm


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