Electric Scalp Massager

Under the double blow of the epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, the economies of all countries are now very bad. Some time ago, Twitter cut down staff from original 7,500 people to the 3,700 people, and the layoffs were as high as 50%, In addition, other major Internet companies such as Meta laid off 11,000 people, Enterprise software giant Salesforce also plans to cut 2,500 jobs. In such a severe economic environment, everyone has to spend more time and energy on work in order to keep their jobs, Overtime and great mental pressure are unavoidable. We can no longer just say quit and quit.

My classmate Mark is a software engineer who graduated from a top 20 university in the world. He already has 4 years of work experience, At this time before, he had already been on vacation. Before Christmas, he went to cities like Miami or Phoenix for vacation. After Christmas, he might go abroad for vacation. But recently because of the company’s layoffs, although he kept his job, the work he had to do was 2-3 times more than before, Many times I have to work overtime until late at night, let alone holiday. Intense work and great mental pressure make him often unable to remember things, Sometimes the work assigned directly by the boss is also forgotten.So he has been scolded by the boss a lot lately. Because of tension and lack of sleep, he often suffers from headaches and dizziness.

In addition to adults who are stressed at work and struggling to survive, minors are also prone to headaches and dizziness due to heavy schoolwork. This not only causes children’s memory loss and grades to decline, but also tends to develop into mental diseases in the long run.

Headaches are broadly classified as “primary” or “secondary”, 90% of all headaches are primary headaches, Literature reviews find that approximately 64–77% of adults have had a headache at some point in their lives. During each year, on average, 46–53% of people have headaches. Mental stress, high work pressure, and lack of sleep are also important causes of headaches,because inadequate blood supply to the brain, sametime can also cause dizziness.

How to solve headache?

Because this kind of headache is not caused by physical function problems, we do not recommend taking painkillers to relieve headaches, which is easy to abuse drugs and cause dependence on drugs

You can relax by manually massaging the scalp, so that the blood flows quickly to the brain, but the price is higher, and you need to spare time to go to a scalp spa for massage, which will waste your already tense time

Many massage chairs not only massage the body, but also have the function of massaging the head, but massage chairs are expensive, bulky, and have all-round functions, focusing more on body massage. The operation is also relatively complicated

Electric Scalp Massager

Electric Scalp Massager

Our electric scalp massager is mainly aimed at scalp massage, imitating artificial massage, 3D massage soft head, three-dimensional touch scalp, combined with movements such as grasping, kneading, and pressing, as if a professional spa technician is massaging you. Improve your mental health due to high work pressure Headache and dizziness caused by tension.

Soft Tapered Silicone Tentacles

The tentacles are made of soft silicone, which is resistant to stretching, oxidation, and high comfort. It feels like a baby when it touches the skin. Soft silicone has the characteristics of no harmful substances, softness, high performance, and high insulation. It is mainly used in CPU chips and routers , computer fan. High-end materials are safer. 96 independent cone-shaped tentacles can massage every inch of your scalp and quickly increase the blood supply to the brain. The intensity can be manually controlled by yourself.

Electric Scalp Massager

Simple Operation

One-button operation, regardless of age. It provides three modes of low speed, medium speed, and high speed to choose your favorite intensity. 6 kinds of massage techniques imitate human massage. You can quickly complete it with one key, and you don’t need to read complicated manuals anymore.

High-Frequency Vibration

Alternating strength and weakness, uniform and delicate strength, and quick release of fatigue, which cannot be done by manual labor

Level 7 Waterproof

You can also use it in the shower, which is equivalent to doing a scalp spa with water, with your favorite shampoo, the scalp is completely relaxed, eliminating the stress of the day’s work

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The product is small and portable, so it can be used no matter you are on a business trip, going out or taking the subway.

Lithium battery power supply, good battery stability, long battery life, durable

Upgraded version of the noise reduction motor, the noise is even smaller when in use, even if you turn it on when you sleep, it will not affect your sleep

30days refund and return guarantee

Free shipping, delivery time is 7-15 business day

None of your information will be leaked, safe shopping!

Full Body Massage and Pet Massage

The cordless head massager can be used to not only provide light relief to all of the body including the back, neck, shoulders, lower back, and arms but also to give your dogs and cats a comfortable massage. Please check with your veterinarian prior to use.

Our Quality Inspection and Battery Safety Report

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